Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Four years ago...

I’ve just returned to Canada from my little “European animation adventure” where I spent a few years designing and a directing art for a couple of animated feature films in Berlin. I was in the Toronto area doing some freelance while taking care of tomatoes in my garden when I got a phone call from my friend and colleague Dejan, who was working as a concept artist for a video game company in Vancouver. There was another concept artist job opening, so I packed my 25 years of animation and illustration experience, got an interview and a full-time job. At that time I was starting to get actively involved with playing games and from the point of, dare I say, a talented visual artist, I was very curious to see what that industry was about. I decided that the best way would be as an insider.

The project was “Crash”, a licensed IP that I wouldn’t place into the “hit project” category. The Xbox360 and PS3 were just released. Something new, “next gen games” were buzzing in the air and looked challenging enough to make me turn my back to animation, at least for the time being. I was hyped to have fun as a game creator.
And, here I was, in downtown Vancouver, in a condo on the 25th floor. Beautiful view, snow covered mountains, ocean below – with a joyful perspective of learning about the new industry...


  1. Hi Branislav!!
    Welcome to the blog community! A pleasure to hear from you, and that you´re doing well. And of course doing excellent work as usual. Hope to see more from you here often.
    Cheers! :)

  2. It is nice to see your fabulous again and welcome to the blogger's club!

  3. Lovely to see your work again Branislav, and looking forward to seeing more in postings in this blog format. I don't get over to Van. very often, but these sketches are obviously typical Vancouver views...

    Hope you're enjoying the Olympics. We're all about to transition from 'owning the podium' to 'assuming the debt'.

  4. Olympics are over, finally! Clive, you are right: without my intention somehow the Vancouver cityscapes got into these images.

    It’s nice to hear from you too, Enrique! I am always impressed when I see your work as well. I just got release to show my recent work and I will post it.

  5. Wonderfull stuff, thank you so much for sharing, especially love your highly stylized work!